7 June, 2016

50th High School Reunion Yearbook

50th High School Reunion Yearbook As this is a very large file (9mb), here is the direct download link - please be patient as it loads. If you want to save it to your computer, right click the link, and choose Save-As. View/Download Yearbook PDF Here: https://tothesummit.com/50threunionyearbook.pdf Or download directly to your computer here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ksabp250ailmpry/GFS%2050th%20Reunion%20Yearbook.pdf?dl=1    

12 November, 2015

Morning Welcome

Morning Musings, November 12, 2015     Leaning into the back of my office chair, small black kitty held in my arms as she suckles my left ear and kneads my neck, purring in contentment. The window beside me reveals the brightening light of the rising sun painting the dark sky with an ever-lightening blue. The green leaves of the live oak trees outside the window become almost translucent as the light of the sun startles them with brightness, almost as if they have just awoken to reveal their shiniest glory. A squirrel runs along  a horizontal branch its tail straight up in the air as if acting like a radar for nuts to gather for the winter. The birds are quiet on this early morning. My heart shines with the beauty of this universe in which we live. Thank you World. [...]

20 October, 2015

First Time Mom of Twins at 62

This is a letter home sent from Ape Action Africa in March of 2010. Greetings from the rain forest of Cameroon! Tuesday, February 21            I have been in Cameroon 3 weeks today. In some ways it feels like much longer. In most ways it feels like not nearly that long. It is exactly 1/4 of the total time. Not sure when this will get sent. I’ll add to it if indicated. Beyond anything else, I feel privileged to be here with gorillas and chimps and monkeys, in the kind of contact that very few humans get to have. I have no education or training in primatology. I’m not a researcher. And yet here I am taking care of and being of service to these extraordinary beings on a daily basis. Yes, it is hard work and has challenges. And the [...]