7 June, 2016

50th High School Reunion Yearbook

50th High School Reunion Yearbook As this is a very large file (9mb), here is the direct download link - please be patient as it loads. If you want to save it to your computer, right click the link, and choose Save-As. View/Download Yearbook PDF Here: https://tothesummit.com/50threunionyearbook.pdf Or download directly to your computer here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ksabp250ailmpry/GFS%2050th%20Reunion%20Yearbook.pdf?dl=1    

12 November, 2015

Morning Welcome

Morning Musings, November 12, 2015     Leaning into the back of my office chair, small black kitty held in my arms as she suckles my left ear and kneads my neck, purring in contentment. The window beside me reveals the brightening light of the rising sun painting the dark sky with an ever-lightening blue. The green leaves of the live oak trees outside the window become almost translucent as the light of the sun startles them with brightness, almost as if they have just awoken to reveal their shiniest glory. A squirrel runs along  a horizontal branch its tail straight up in the air as if acting like a radar for nuts to gather for the winter. The birds are quiet on this early morning. My heart shines with the beauty of this universe in which we live. Thank you World. [...]

20 October, 2015

First Time Mom of Twins at 62

This is a letter home sent from Ape Action Africa in March of 2010. Greetings from the rain forest of Cameroon! Tuesday, February 21            I have been in Cameroon 3 weeks today. In some ways it feels like much longer. In most ways it feels like not nearly that long. It is exactly 1/4 of the total time. Not sure when this will get sent. I’ll add to it if indicated. Beyond anything else, I feel privileged to be here with gorillas and chimps and monkeys, in the kind of contact that very few humans get to have. I have no education or training in primatology. I’m not a researcher. And yet here I am taking care of and being of service to these extraordinary beings on a daily basis. Yes, it is hard work and has challenges. And the [...]

20 October, 2015

Kilimanjaro 2008

Celebrate Margo's 60th Birthday on Kilimanjaro! One of the reasons I climbed Kilimanjaro, my very first mountain, in 1988, was to celebrate my 40th birthday. Rather than being a completion, as I had planned, that climb began a passion for mountains and trekking and rivers that has been a foundation for me ever since. Skip Horner, premier adventure travel guide, has been my mentor and friend during these 18+ years, and we have done almost 20 trips together In honor of my 60th birthday, and Skip's as well. We will be returning to Africa to climb "Kili" once again in January of 2008. The vision is to put together a trip of folks who have been a part of my life in some way: folks who have read my book or the journals on this website; folks who have heard [...]

20 October, 2015

Mustang 2005

In October, 2005, I had the great privilege of traveling with my friend and mentor Skip Horner and his wife Elizabeth, to the very remote part of Nepal known as the Kingdom of Mustang. "Mustang is a country frozen in time. Closed to foreigners for more than thirty years, this tiny feudal kingdom high in the Himalayas has existed in virtual isolation from the rest of the world. Although politically part of Nepal, Mustang is linked by religion, culture, and history to Tibet -- and now stands alone as one of the last truly pure Tibetan cultures existing today. With its untouched temples, colorful festivals and red-robed lamas, the kingdom preserves not only the daily vernacular of Buddhist ethic, but a unique heritage of Tibetan religious art." from The Last forbidden Kingdom: Mustang, Land of Tibetan Buddhism. Fewer than 1,000 [...]

20 October, 2015

Breast Cancer Walks 2003

Friday, 11/21 Saturday | Sunday | Postscript What an incredible day! I am sitting under an enormous tent, open at the sides, large enough to hold tables and chairs for 3,000. What an astounding organization and experience this is. I flew down to San Diego yesterday afternoon, registered for the walk and spent the rest of the day with my dear friend Becky. Excited, nervous, eager - sleep came slowly and the 4:30 am alarm early. And the walk is finally here. I am far less trained than I had planned, my injured hamstring at 90%. I was able to do a 20-mile walk last Sunday, and I feel ready. Beck dropped me off at the start, I dropped my gear at the gear truck (entertained delightfully by the costumed volunteers loading the gear into the trucks), and headed toward [...]

20 October, 2015

Hike Descriptions 2002

Tuesday, May 28, Red Mountain Adventure Spa Thursday, May 30. Hike to Gateway | Cultural Adventures | Monday, June 3, The Subway | Tuesday, June 11, On The Road I am currently staying at Red Mountain Adventure Spa, a wonderful fitness spa just outside St. George, Utah. Hiking is the core of their fitness program, and each morning at 6 I join a group of hikers and a couple of guides to go out into the desert to spend 3 hours in the fabulous red rock that surrounds this area. Most of the hikes have a good deal of scrambling around on the slick rock, mostly sandstone that is very sticky, at levels that push many of the hikers to new levels of comfort and through some pretty good fear of heights. It is marvelous to watch people who haven't [...]

20 October, 2015

1999-2000 PCT Thruhikers

The 1999/2000 PCT Thruhikers  |  1999 Pacific Crest Trail South to North Through Hikers A. Ray Tomlison and David Busha, coolwahr@aol.com Aaron Unger, psndcsr@jps.net Airdale, Stephene Barbee, Completed 9/29 Al Wohlpart & Josef Piller, awohlpart@cwix.com, Completed 10/10. Album, Alan Nelson, aln@uswest.net Allen Downs, ahdowns@aol.com, Reached Tuolomne Meadows, skipped to Echo summit and left trail permanently 30 miles later due to arm injury. Andreas Kramer, Completed 10/2 Andy McKerrow, spotted at Skykomish 9/18 Annie and the Salesman, Ann & Larry McDuff, lpmcduff@juno.com, Completed 9/19. Batch, Calvin Batchelder, contact via the Ravens at tumstead@gi.com Big Daddy, Mike Robertson, bigdaddy290@juno.com Birdgirl, Charlotte Clews, clc13@cornell.edu,http://www.fcinet.com/pct. Completed 9/17. Blake Shepard, bshepard@nextera.com, Completed 9/18. Bong, Jarrod Gasper, completed 8/31 Brian Farsted, spotted at Skykomish 9/22 Bruce McMutrey, spotted at Skykomish 9/18 Buffalo Bob, Bob Reese, spotted at Skykomish 9/25 Butch Farstad, Completed 10/2, brianfarstad@aol.com Caboose, Dave NcQuitty, [...]

20 October, 2015

1999 Pacific Crest Trail

1999 Pacific Crest Trail  | The 1999/2000 PCT Thruhikers   My dream was to backpack the 1,700 mile California section of the Pacific Crest Trail, coaching clients via cell phone on the way. My reality was that the absence of cell phone coverage made coaching impossible, and after 4 months away from home and 600 miles of hiking, I was done. It was a great adventure. The first time I did a big trip on my own, without an accompanying group. Most days I saw, walked with, and/or camped with other hikers. And they were not a part of my group. Physically, I was on my own; spiritually, I was accompanied by the connections with friends, Nature, and Spirit that are such an important part of my life. It was an extraordinary journey. I invite you to take a look at my [...]

20 October, 2015

Mera Peak 1997

In 1996, Skip Horner, my good friend and climbing mentor, sent out his list of trips for 1997. Included was a trek in Nepal which included a climb of Mera Peak, at 21,247 feet (6,476 meters), the highest trekking peak in Nepal. I had not done any big climbing since my 1993 Everest attempt and was far less fit than I had been then. Yet a trip to a part of Nepal I had not seen, climbing a 21,000 foot mountain, on a trip led by the man who had so radically altered my life was very appealing. I was turning 50 in January, 1998 , Skip would be newly 50, and it seemed this might be the perfect way to celebrate this milestone age. I sat with the idea for a few days, meditated on it, talked about it [...]