Celebrating the Journey – Archives

From October, 1999 through June, 2004 I published an email newsletter titled Celebrating the Journey. Its purpose was to provide readers with resources, motivation, inspiration and energy for their journey to creating success and freedom in all areas of their life. CTJ used stories from my life and others’, coaching tips and resources, quotes and humor to deliver a learning experience that can enhance your life.

Although Celebrating the Journey is no longer in publication, all past issues are available here, listed below chronologically.

It is my present vision that CTJ provide you, the new reader, with resources, motivation, inspiration and energy to Live All Your Possibilities. I invite you to browse through the topics below and see what interest you. Or just click on an issue at random and see what it has to offer you. There are articles and quotes, humor and resources, coaching tips and random musings. Enjoy!

Newsletter Archive

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07-12-2002 Begin Again

05-10-2002 Everyday Actions

04-19-2002 Hurry Up and Wait

04-05-2002 A Rest Day

03-22-2002 One Global Nation

11-07-2001 The Value of Time

09-14-2001 Words for Healing

09-05-2001 Tip Six: Show Up

07-11-2001 No More Whying

03-26-2001 Monday Smiles

12-25-2000 Gift of Life

12-05-2000 Happy Holidays

08-24-2000 Go Have Fun!!!

08-17-2000 Passion

08-03-2000 Esse Quam Videri

06-22-2000 Learn Resilience

06-08-2000 The Flow of Life

05-15-2000 Subtle Addictions

11-22-1999 Gifts in Disguise

10-25-1999 Living Out Loud

10-18-1999 Gratitude