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Margo Heart Dancing Chisholm is, among other things: a dancer, a mentor, a life coach, and a seeker. She is committed to self-discovery and living life to its fullest. As a former drug addict, alcoholic and bulimic who recently celebrated twenty years in recovery, her compassion for others’ life experiences is profound, and an absolutely essential foundation in her ability to connect with and facilitate others as a Life Coach.

In her forties, Margo transitioned from near death as a result of multiple addictions to climbing 23 mountains in five years including two attempts on Mount Everest. She chronicles her journey in her book, To The Summit: A Woman’s Journey into the Mountains to Find Her Soul, which recounts her physical adventures and, perhaps more importantly, her internal and spiritual peaks and valleys.

Today Margo assists clients and other humans as a Life Coach, mentor, friend, and healer. Taking one step at a time, she can help you move toward and reach the important summits in your life. She assists those around her to live all the Possibilities of their lives; to climb their own mountains, inside and out; to live the lives of which they dream; and to have freedom in all areas of their lives. Says Margo, “Miracles happen when you live life from your heart and take just one small step at a time in the direction of your dreams and goals.”

Margo answers questions

After years of living in the mountains near Aspen, Colorado, I moved to Santa Cruz, California, where the glories of Monterey Bay bring joy to my life. I was drawn to this home as my interests moved more and more toward the spiritual and have found my tribe here on the central coast of California, in a manner that fills my soul in a whole new way.
Although I train far less than when I was actively climbing, I still enjoy both cardio and weight training. I’m an avid hiker and tennis player and am delighted to be in a place where I can play outdoors all year long. My indoor relaxation comes from needlepoint and reading, and, yes, the occasionally totally mindless TV show. I continue to receive enormous joy from sharing with another person at a heart level, about the Truth of who we each are. One of my greatest passions is for ecstatic dance, specifically the models of 5 rhythms and Soul Motion. This heartful, unchoreographed movement unites my body, spirit, and mind in a way that celebrates the whole of who I am.
I have a delightfully eccentric dowager white-and-gray kitty named Annie who gives me great pleasure and warm cuddles and teaches me daily about independence.
I read a great deal and tend to go through phases as to what I choose. Light novels (Dick Francis, Jonathan Kellerman, Janet Evanovich, Patricia Cornwell, even Nora Roberts) relax me in a hot bathtub or ease me into sleep; spiritual/psychology books (Dan Millman, Thomas Moore, Carolyn Myss, James Hillman, Brian Weiss, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra) keep me company on quiet evenings and grounded in difficult times; climbing and outdoor books (Rick Ridgeway, Chris Bonington, Joe Simpson) keep me connected to my adventurous side.
My clearest dream is to facilitate people in living all the Possibilities of their lives through coaching and living by example. I want to invite folks to open their hearts and minds to the possibilities that lie within each of us when we listen to our hearts and to the enrichment that following our hearts gives us. There is no greater joy for me than to touch someone’s heart, with an image or a word, in a way that allows them to begin to open to their own dreams. I have experienced the joy and fulfillment that comes from following my dreams, and my biggest dream is to share that.
Yes. In October of 1997, I climbed 21, 249 foot Mera Peak in Nepal to celebrate my 50th birthday. I hike and scramble on Colorado’s 14ers on a regular basis and climbed Mt. Shasta with a fabulous group of women in the summer of 2005. Plans are well under way for a climb of Kilimanjaro in January, 2008, to celebrate my 60th birthday. I am gathering friends to join me on that climb. Read the details of the trip and let me know if you are interested
Mountains, sea otters, elephants, heart connections, a forehand winner. The Esalen Institute, dance as spiritual practice, hugs, singing in community, a walk on the beach with a friend. Purple, snuggling with my kitty, snuggling in general, a hot cup of cocoa
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