The 1999/2000 PCT Thruhikers  |  1999 Pacific Crest Trail


South to North Through Hikers

A. Ray Tomlison and David Busha,
Aaron Unger,
Airdale, Stephene Barbee, Completed 9/29
Al Wohlpart & Josef Piller,, Completed 10/10.
Album, Alan Nelson,
Allen Downs,, Reached Tuolomne Meadows, skipped to Echo summit and left trail permanently 30 miles later due to arm injury.
Andreas Kramer, Completed 10/2
Andy McKerrow, spotted at Skykomish 9/18
Annie and the Salesman, Ann & Larry McDuff,, Completed 9/19.
Batch, Calvin Batchelder, contact via the Ravens at
Big Daddy, Mike Robertson,
Birdgirl, Charlotte Clews,, Completed 9/17.
Blake Shepard,, Completed 9/18.
Bong, Jarrod Gasper, completed 8/31
Brian Farsted, spotted at Skykomish 9/22
Bruce McMutrey, spotted at Skykomish 9/18
Buffalo Bob, Bob Reese, spotted at Skykomish 9/25
Butch Farstad, Completed 10/2,
Caboose, Dave NcQuitty, spotted at Skykomish 10/20
Camille Hamm,
Captain Planet, Sven Thesen,
Chai-walker, Nathan Martin,,, complete 9/24
Completely Free, Markam Carr, Completed 10/8
Coyote Girl,Shoshanna,
Dana Lemieux,4/21, Completed 9/14
David Krogmann, 5/6,,
Denis Kermicle, 4/25, Completed 9/17
Drew Britton, May 1,
David Long, early May,
Denis Kermickle, Completed 9/17.
Dull Guy, Paul Hauer, 5/11, Completed 9/21
Fishboy, Chris Morlock, 5/10, spotted at Skykomish 8/27
Foxtrot, Rob Fiscel, 5/26, completed 8/27
Frank Tripicchio, 4/15,, Completed 9/16.
Gary Brumbaugh,4/9,
Goforth, Joanne Lennox, late March,, Completed 10/15.
Go Round, Mary Barrow, 4/21, Completed 9/23
Gordon Brown, 4/5, through Skykomish 9/16.
The Greenman, Corey Todaro, 5/1,
Greg Cullen, late April, Completed, forgotten
Hal Margolis, Campo to Agua Dulce,,
The Happy Trails Couple, Walt & Pat Radney, 4/15,
Heiko Balling, 5/1, completed some time around end of September.
Henry Barclay, 5/10, Completed 9/29
Henry Shires, 4/21, Completed 9/13.
Homebrew, Mike Harper, 4/21, spotted at Skykomish 9/23
Hungry Mother, Jane Fredericks, spotted at Skykomish 9/25
Hurricane Helen, Helen, Hilberg, 3/2, completed 9/30
Ishmael, Bruce Dunlany, 5/2, spotted at Skykomish 9/17
Jason Melvin, 4/16, Completed 9/17
Jeff Cevest, 4/12, spotted at Skykomish 9/25
Jeff Maxson, 5/3, Complete 9/10
Jeremy Finch, 5/6, completed 9/21
Jersey Jim, Jim Smart, 4/22,Completed 9/18.
Jim Chudy, 5/4, Completed 9/22
Jodi Collins, beginning of May,
Jonathan Ley, late April,,, Completed 10/2.
J¿rn Henry Christiansen, Jan-Christian Raastad, Thorbjorn Geirbo, 5/6,,,, Completed 9/9.
Joseph Pillar, 4/19, Completed 10/10
Junk Yard Dog, Clark Matthews, 4/23, 9/18
Kathrin Achini, 4/24, completed 10/2
Katie Hunter, 5/10, spotted at Skykomish 8/27
Kevin Farrell and Cooper, completed 9/22
Kurt Grossman, 4/22, spotted at Skykomish 9/23
Lara and Jason, 4/16, , Completed 9/18.
Le, May 11,
Lia vonDamm, 4/20, completed 9/23
Lindy Lindberg, early May,, Third to reach Manning Park, August 29th!
Lost Soul, Brian Kiesel, 4/17,, completed last week in September.
Margaret Brownell, 4/24,
Michael Sandoval, 5/9, Spotted at Skykomish 9/21
Mike LaCoursure, 4/20, 9/24
Mountain Dave, David Cossa, early May (?),, reached Harts pass on October 30 and had to leave the trail because of a bad storm. Only 22 miles shy of Manning Park!
Neil Parcell, 5/1, Completed 9/29
Nick and Whitney Brown, 4/26,
Northbound Gaiter, Robert Beard, 4/17, Completed 9/14
Packrat, John Roble, Completed 9/18
Paula Mortens, 6/3, spotted at Skykomish 9/29
Pennsylvania Plumbers, 5/1, Jay Reynolds and Ken Heiss, planned through hike,, Completed to McKenzie Pass where they left due to Ken’s hernia.
PermaGrin, Mike Prochaska, 5/1,
Pete Carr, 4/24, , Completed 10/8
Pocohontas and The Joker, Linda and Mark Dietsche, 4/21, Left trail somewhere around Kennedy Meadows, I believe
Polecat, Kevin Ebel, 5/17, spotted at Skykomish 9/23
Rafi Youatt, 5/2,
Rambling Man and Water Witch, Karin and Walt Harmon, 4/22, Completed 9/28
Read Miller, doing Southern California in sections now, 6/15 from Kennedy Meadows,
Rebecca Sykes, April 15,, completed 9/25.
Rebecca Williams, April 16,
Recess Run, Ron Vaughn, 4/20, completed 9/14
Ron Vaughn, 4/15 or 4/22, can contact via Walt and Pat Radney at Completed 9/14.
Robert Bedichek, late April,
Robert Taylor, Russell Prugh, 5/25, spotted at Skykomish 9/29
Running Wind, 5/5, completed 9/7
Sandra Medearis, 6/15 this year or 5/12 in 2000,
Scott Conover, 4/23
Scott Thompson, late April, until 4/25 then c/o
Servo, Tom Potochny, May 1,
Shannon Bigelson, 5/17 Big Bear to Manning Park,
Shirt, John Perkins, 4/20, Completed 9/18.
Slyman, Bobby Sylvester , 4/24, 1300 miles and counting. Hoping to finish next year.
Skitz and Jen, Completed 9/23
Steve Fonseca,5/3, The first to reach Manning Park – August 27th!
Snoopster, Mike Paton, 4/24,
Sven Thesen, Completed 8/31
Steel-Eye, Chuck Chelin, completed all of Oregon
Sweet Cheeks, Chuck Stone, spotted at various places, movin’ fast
Tay Hansen, 6/3, spotted at Skykomish 9/29
Team “On Fire”, Mike Perry & Jen Doebler, early May,
Tim Fearn, 5/17,, exited at Tulomne Meadows, I think
Timbo, Timothy Dodds, 4/23,
Tobin, Toby Patke, 5/1,
Tradja, John Drollette, 5/2,, Completed 9/29
Travelin Man & Southern Harp, George & Mary Sue Roach, 4/17,
Troubadour, Stephen Martin, 4/24, ,, Completed 10/7.
Tucker, Tucker Spohr, 5/7,, Completed 9/21.
Ulysses, Jim Kean, May 31, spotted at Skykomish 9/29,
Yip, Andrew Yip, mid April,
Yucca Dave, David Church, 4/29, Completed 9/22
North to South Through Hikers (sort of)
Darcy & Whit Rambach, Aug 8, 1999,
Kristian Whitsett, date unknown,
Ke Kaahawe & Fidget, Michael Henderson & Ellen Chaffins, 6/20, start from Walker Pass through souther and central Sierra to Sonora Pass. Then bus to Manning and start south at the end of July, Washington in August, big party with northbounders at Cascade Locks, Sonora at end of October. Resume southbound at Walker Pass to finish early to mid December, Arrived Canadian border 9/17 having hiked 1000 miles. Fidget left the trail there, Mike continuing south on his own.
Mexico to Oregon Hikers
Gently Tred, Deborah Raushi, April 15, planned Mexico to Canada,,, completed 1013 miles leaving the trail at Sonora Pass on July 3
Maggot, Margo Chisholm, 4/20,, Traveled 600 of the southern most 950 miles, leaving the trail at Red’s Meadow. Planning to return next year.
Rainmaker, David Mauldin, 4/23, 1013 miles to Sonora Pass where he left the trail due to bad back problems. Planning to return next year.
Section Hikers
Andrea Ceppi, July 7, JMT,
Ant Newman, late May, Sierras starting at Kennedy Meadows than flip north to hike south from Three Sisters, OR to where he left off,,
Batch Was Here, Harry Batcholder, showed up in various places at various times along the trail.
Blisterfree, Brett Tucker, Campo to Tahoe,, left the trail at Gishop Pass instead of planned Lake Tahoe area, due to running out of time. Planning to return next year.
Brian Robinson, Crater Lake to Manning, Completed 9/14 with Roy, his dad. Brian later became the first person to complete the Triple Crown (PCT, Continental Divide Trail, and Appalachian Trail in a calendar year)
Brian Toth, Walker Pass to I-80,, Completed 7/20.
Brooks Hull, Walker Pass to Donner Pass,
BugBite, Emily Reith, length of California,
Carolyn Leary, Campo thru JMT, Mt. Laguna to Independence completed 7/18 with Linda Shepard.
Charlie Jones and Cheryl Mason, Canebrake Road to Walker Pass (Jan Craven will be along for this leg (Complete!); Memorial Day Weekend, Mission Creek Trail Camp to Cottonwood Trailhead (Completed 5/31/99); June/July, Kennedy Meadows to Cottonwood Pass (Cheryl); Burney Falls to Peavine Creek, Grizzly Peak Road to Gumboot Trailhead (completed 6/24); Lookout Rock to Old Station (completed 8/13); Crater Lake NP (completed Highway 62 to Highway 138 August 6),
Dale and Mark Woodward, JMT,
Daphne Dionisio, JMT north to south,
David Clark, JMT Southbound from Happy Isle,
Doug Banks, Norden, CA to “as far north as I can get”,
Drake McDonald, JMT north to south in 14 days,, completed 7/26 – 8/6
E-Dog, Eric Hanson, Mexico to Canada,
Eric Phillips-Meadow, Seiad Valley to Manning Park,
Free Bird, Gary Bolton, Washington North to South,
Flat Top, Edward McKenzie, Mexico to Canada,
Gene Baune, Idyllwild to Wrightwood,
Graham Knopp, Castle Crags to Columbia River,
James R. Bruton, Agua Dulce to Burney,
Jeff Brenner, Section K, Echo Lake Resort to Soda Springs,,
Jeff Holt, Canada to Stevenson, WA,
Jonathan Blees, Campo to Warner Springs,
Kim Parent and Jeff Hayash, Mexico to Oregon,
Linda Shepard, completed Mt. Laguna to Independence 7/18 with Carolyn Leary.
Marge Prothman, Mexico to Walker Pass, will do Warner Springs – Scissors Crossing 10/22 – 10/24; Section B late November; other lower sections as long as weather holds out,
Mike Scawen, Campo to Mt. Whitney,
Nick Bechlien, JMT, Tim Berger, July 27, JMT,
Paul Woodward, JMT to Reds,
Steve Fox, Snoqualmie Pass to Manning Park,, Completed 9/3 – 9/12.
Tim Berger, JMT,
Tim Ramsey, Campo – I-80,
Tom Hopkins, JMT,, Completed 8/15
TrailDad, Roy Robinson, Donner Pass to Manning Park, Completed 9/14 with son Brian.
Tripod and Dawn, Chris Rinehart and Dawn, Mexico to Canada,
Will Stenzel,
Yak, Ryan Nagel, spotted at Skykomish 9/18
Zeke Black, south from I-80 to Tehachpi,


2000 PCT Thruhikers


Album, Alan Nelson, May 1, north from San Felipe Creek, Highway 78,
Ant Newman, southbound from Etna Summit to Kennedy Meadows (that will complete the PCT for Ant),
Aussie Crawl and Platypus, and Blue Tongue Matt Sweeney and ?, and Geoffrey Schubert, Mexico to Canada,
Bernard Martoia, Mexican border to Lone Pine,
Bill Schoenberg, Mexico to Canada,
Billy Goat Gruff, E.C. Beeler, Mexico to Canada, Hiking with goat.
Blaze, Tim Shaffer, Mexico to Canada,
Blisterfree, Brett Tucker, Kennedy Meadows to Manning Park; mid October, Kennedy Meadows south to Campo,
Blue Foote, Benjamin Foote, Mexico to Canada,
Brian Reynolds, Mexico to Canada in however many years it takes,
Bob Watt, JMT North to South,
Butterfly, Ethan McEvily, Mexico to Canada,
Butterfree, Sara Baggett, Mexico to Canada,
Ceiow de Jeran, Daris LaPointe, with Jeremy Crowle for a few weeks, then solo,
Charlie Jones and Cheryl Mason, Sierra City to Lookout Rock; Peavine Creek to Grizzly Peak Road; Scott Mt. Summit to Oregon border,,, Donner Pass to Ashland, filling in the gaps they had created as section hikers.
Chris Ramias, California and Oregon,
Craig Nielsen, Mexico to Canada,
Craig and Tracy Jones, Mexico to Canada,
Craiger, Craig Wanless, Oregon border to border,
Dave Stockton, Mexico to Canada, early May,,
David Hillman, Mexico to Canada,
David Turner, Mexico to Canada,
Doug Gates, Mexico to Canada,, (this email address good on trail!)
Duane Younglove, Mexico to Canada,
Edman, Ed Knapton, Mexico to Canada,
Fallingwater, Ron Moak, Mexico to Canada, ronm@fallingwater,
The Family (Suches 75, The Artist, Rosey, Sport, Appy Annie, 4X4), The Allen Family, Mexico to Canada
Flight of the Spiriteagle, Jim and Ginny Owen, Mexico to Canada,
Garey Meabon and Jonathon Carlson, Mexico to Canada,
Gene Baune, Section,
Globetrotter, Mexico to Canada,
Gordon and Bruce Wade, Mexico to Canada,
Green Hornet, Hal Margolis, Mexico to Canada,,
Grizzly, Greg Boone, Mexico to Canada,
“H”, Brian Brown, Mexico to Canada,
Hawkeye, Mike Johnson, Mexico to Canada,
Hike 2000, Terry Larkin and John Lackman, Mexico to Canada,,
Hobbit, Tom Rogers, Mexico to Trinity Alps,,
Improv and Madame Butterfly, Mike Gay and Valerie Neck, Mexico to Canada,
Jamie and Ray Riches, Mexico to as far as they get in 4 months,,
Jason Dennis, early May, Mexico to Canada,
Jason Thomas, 880 miles,,
JBear, Jonathan Blees, Campo north for one week,
Jeff Brenner, South to North,,
Jim Bruton, Mexico to Canada,
Jim K., Sections I, J, K,
JoAnn Michael, finish Sections Q and R,, will have completed all section in Siskiyou County.
Joe “El Macino” Helten and Conrad “Papa Grande” Bitangcol, Mexico to Canada,
The “Journey” Crew, JB Benna, Kimmo, Stephan and Joe, Mexico to Canada, First nationally televised PCT documentary. Contact them for more. They want to meet as many of the hikers as they can.
Kaptain Krumholz, Squirrel Fight, Wayah et al, Ben Harth, Jonny Lane, Tanner Critz, Ezra Freeman, Maria Stavrakas, however far they get in a season,
Ken and Jenny Martin, Mexico slowly north until mid August,
Kinch, John Kincheloe, Mexico to Canada,
Lady Godiva and Bulk Hogan, Morgan Dunlap and Charlie Liskey, Mexico to Canada, Lady Godiva will be horseback and Bulk will hike
Lara Thompson and Dave Hopwood,
Larry Holm, Tuolomne Meadows to Ashland,
Loony, Lee Wilson, Mexico to Canada,
Luke Snyder, late April, Mexico to Canada,
LunaKat and The PEDestrian, Katrina Kole and Paul Dietrich, and
Margo Cruse, Mexico to Canada,
Mike Aken, Sections A, B, C,
Mike Scawen, Trail Pass to Canada,
Molson and Plumber, Ron Smith and ?, Mexico to Canada,
Natasha Carver and Kristen Bradley, 200 miles,,
Nocona and Bald Eagle, Karen Borski and Andy Somers, Mexico to Canada,,, planned completion 10/2
The Olympic Bushman, Monte Dodge, Section A,
The Peabody Man, Donner Pass to Canada,
Peakbagger, Randy Bauer, Mexico to Canada,
Pennsylvania Plumbers, Jay Reynolds and Ken ?, will complete 675 unfinished miles from McKenzie Pass to Canada,
Phil the Philosopher, Phil Pluckebaum, Canada to Mexico,
Philomene Smith, Mexico to Canada,
Powerful Tiger, Peter Haskell,Mexico to Canada,
Prehistoric Tony, Tony Nitz, 4/28 from Campo, 9/29 from Manning Park,, . Planning a Yo-Yo!
Rainmaker and Carol, Sonora Pass to Crater Lake,
Reader, Read Miller, Belden to Canada,
Rhett Butler, Mexico to Canada,
Rick and Seth Walker, Campo to Walker Pass then Siskiyou Summit to Walker Pass,
Robert Bannerman, Mexico to Canada,


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