Subject: Life Doesn’t Have to be Hard

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Monday, November 15, 1999
Issue #5

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Life Doesn’t Have To Be Hard.

As a matter of fact it isn’t supposed to be hard!

About two years ago, I made the choice to stop efforting at
life. I worked very hard at my life for most of its duration.
When it was too easy, I created problems that made it
hard. And when it was, in fact, hard I made sure
everyone around me knew how hard it was so they could
see how well I was dealing with all the problems in my
life! I didn’t think very highly of who I was back then,
and the only way I knew to create any sense of self-worth
was to overcome problems. It took so much effort to
overcome the problems in my life that I didn’t have any
time or energy left to even see the joy and love and peace
and freedom that was available for me, much less
experience it. Some of us only feel worthwhile when
we are pushing, striving, efforting, working really hard.
It is the only way we know how to feel like we are

That’s not how the Universe intends for life to be!
Efforting at life happens when we obtain our self-worth by
overcoming problems; when we live our lives based on
what other people think and want rather than on what we think and want;
when we are so busy getting our needs
met that we don’t know what we value; when we do what
we “should” do rather than what we are drawn to do;
when we become human doings rather than human
beings; when we try to figure life out rather than listening
to what our hearts say; when we don’t put our Self first.

Yeah, but… I can hear all the buttons being pushed! But
life is hard sometimes! Nope! Challenging, difficult,
strenuous, arduous, tough? Yes, life can be all those
things! Hard and an effort? No. It is in part a semantic
game I am playing here to differentiate between the
challenges life presents us and the attitude we bring to
them. Life brings us challenges. What we do with those
challenges and how we feel about them makes life an
effort, a struggle and exhausting. Or makes it satisfying,
joyful and energizing. It is a choice.

Choosing an attitude of acceptance and affirmation
toward whatever life brings us, based on what you Value,
creates a feeling of joy and satisfaction. A negative
perspective, based on Needs, can bring the bowed-head
posture of, “Life is so hard.” Which do you want?


What areas of your life are you making “hard”? What
areas of your life feel joyful and satisfying? What is the
difference between them? How can you bring more of
what makes life “easy” into the areas that feel “hard”?

Begin the process of letting go of the behaviors and beliefs
that make life feel hard (Needs) and claiming the
behavior and beliefs that make life feel satisfying and
joyful. To learn more about this process, reply to this
email with the words “Needs and Values” in the subject.
I’ll send you two checklists which will facilitate the
discovery of your own Needs and Values.


Acceptance + Value-Based Choices + Met Needs =
Effortless Living


When push comes to should,
Margo Chisholm and Steve Straus

“Why does it have to be so hard?”
“It doesn’t.”
Margo Chisholm and Becky Jackson

Peace is not needing to know what will happen next.
Susie Reneau


Take Time For Your Life by Cheryl Richardson.
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Your Best Year Yet by Jinny Ditzler
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Give yourself the gift of effortless living this week.

Namaste, Margo

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