Welcome to Celebrating the Journey
by Margo Chisholm
The Freedom Coach
Monday, November 11, 1999
Issue #4

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The Magic of the Universe

I work with clients and audiences to identify and live their dreams. The most common rationalization I hear for not taking one step at a time in the direction of a dream is: I don’t have enough. Enough time or money or education or knowledge or skill or energy or fitness or… And on and on. If we had all the tools needed to fulfill our dreams as soon as we identify them, they wouldn’t be dreams. They’d be just another attainable-with-a-little-footwork goal. A vision or dream, by its very nature, implies that it isn’t yet possible at this moment, that it will take some work and some time and some commitment to bring to fruition.

When you commit to a dream, a dream born of your heart and soul, commit to putting one foot in front of the other in the direction of that dream, commit to doing the footwork — getting the education, raising the money, getting fit, earning the skill — the tools required for the dream to happen, show up. You’ll find a scholarship, someone will throw a fundraiser for you, a personal trainer will want to barter with you for a service you can provide, a promotion happens unexpectedly. Of course the process takes commitment and work and energy. Dreams don’t happen while you sit around waiting for them to come true. When you honor your dream and commit to it, when you take the actions to move toward that dream, the Universe rewards you with the missing pieces. And the more you act with purpose and commitment, with clear intentions and integrity, the more magical the Universe gets.


Action breeds action; moving forward in the direction of your dream, of what you really care about, is very ttractive. Taking action will attract the people, things and opportunities that support the dream which allows you to move forward more which attracts more, etc. etc. etc. What action can you take in the direction of your dream that will attract more of what your dream requires?


footwork + commitment + integrity = Universal magic


The entire universe is conspiring for your success and happiness! Surrender to it!
— Kimberly Bryant

If you are clear about what you want, the world responds with clarity
— Loretta Staples

Opportunities are usually disguised by hard work, so most people don’t recognize them. Ann Landers Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so..
— Belva Davis

Give yourself the gift of action this week.
— Namaste, Margo


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