Subject: Tip Seven: Expand Your Limits
Welcome to Celebrating the Journey!
Wednesday, September 19, 2001
Issue #70


1. Welcome Notes
2. Tip Seven: Expand Your Limits
3. Coaching: Acceptance or Resignation? Your Choice.
5. Celebrating Out Loud!
6. Resources for the Journey: Wise, Healing Words

1. Welcome Notes

I want to thank all of you who have responded to the
several special issues of Celebrating the Journey which
have gone out during the last week. I am doing my very
best to reply to each of you. It may take a couple of days,
and you will hear from me!

Today’s Celebrating Out Loud contains a story about a
woman finding her life purpose. I have known for a
number of years that my life purpose is to facilitate folks
in embracing and living all the possibilities in their lives.
God has given me the opportunity to do that, and
Celebrating the Journey is a big part of that purpose. This
week you have all helped me to heal in ways you cannot
know. Thank you all for mirroring my purpose right back
at me.

The sun has returned to the mountains after several days
of clouds and rain. May the internal sun we all have shine
as brightly, inside and out. Celebrate life and love one

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foundation for this issue and the next three, you can find
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2. Expand Your Limits

In this time of tragedy and uncertainty, the easy thing
would be to draw in and narrow the vision we have for
our lives, for our people, for our planet; to resign
ourselves to a new level of awareness that the world is
not safe the way we thought it was a week ago; to allow
fear to shrink our lives and those of our children.

I say no! It’s what they want. Whoever the “they” is, their
goal is to disrupt and weaken us. They cannot accomplish
that without our permission. The events of last week
were out of our control. How we respond to them is not.

How do we, as individuals, show our strength and that of
our nation, all of our nations? By continuing to show up
each day and move in the direction of our dreams. By
continuing to live from our values of love and
compassion rather than from fear or resentment or
hatred. By continuing to take the actions which create
success, joy and freedom in our lives.

The more we embrace the possibilities of our lives, the
less power we give to those who would destroy us. The
more we create and live the life we REALLY want, the less
power our fear has over us. Each step we take toward the
possibilities and dreams in our lives lessens the fear. Each
step away from fear, expands the limits of our lives.

It is true that we cannot control what other people do. We
CAN choose to continue to expand the limits of our lives
despite what others do. Does the world look differently
than it did a week ago? You bet it does. Will that create
changes in our lives? You bet it will. Does that mean we
limit our dreams? Absolutely not!

We can accept the changes without resigning ourselves to
them. We can take in the differences and continue to
expand our lives.

We are all asking, “What can I do to help?” We know the
immediate steps to take: donate blood, donate money,
food, clothing; let the folks you love know that you love
them. The deepest way to help ourselves, our country, our
planet is to move forward in our lives.

Expand the limits your fear wants to put on you and live
the life you REALLY want.

3. Coaching: Acceptance or Resignation? Your Choice.

But they’re the same thing, aren’t they? Not at all.

When we accept something, we acknowledge that it is the
way it is, and we move forward. It doesn’t mean we
approve of or agree with the way it is. It doesn’t imply we
believe that it will be this way forever. It only means we
admit it is this way for now.

When we resign ourselves to something, it implies a
position that this is the way it is, it will always be this way,
and there is nothing we can do about that.

The distinction between the two is enormous.

Acceptance breeds energy, creativity, action,
determination and possibilities. Resignation cultivates
giving up, apathy, depression, victimhood, and limits.

Acceptance creates a springboard for growth. Resignation
traps us in a bog of inertia.

Acceptance fosters action. Resignation sucks us into

Acceptance allows us to expand our vision and our limits.
Resignation puts blinders on and fences around our lives.

You can accept what has happened and the huge changes
that are occurring in the world because of it — and move
forward anyway, expanding your lives, your dreams, your
goals, your priorities.

Or you can resign yourself to this terrible tragedy and give
up on the possibilities of your life.

Acceptance and action or resignation and inertia. The
choice is yours. Which do you choose?

Shifting from resignation to acceptance can be as simple as
making a decision or as challenging as changing your
entire life view. I am offering a free half hour phone
consultation to anyone wishing to be supported in
making this shift. Please know there is no sales pitch in
this offer. The call is a gift from me to you in support of
our not giving in to the limits the terrorists wish to place
upon us.

To schedule your free coaching call, send an e-mail to Please include
several days and times when you are available. I will
contact you to confirm.


We must turn to each other and not on each other.
Jesse Jackson

Life was meant to be lived and curiosity must be kept
alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn one’s
back on life.
Eleanor Roosevelt

In this moment of sorrow and tragedy, challenge yourself
to care, to live, and to love with a renewed and
outrageous enthusiasm. Pursue your dreams as if you
could not possibly fail! We can not turn back the clock,
but we can live our lives with passion, with honor, with
integrity, and vigor!
Phil Humbert*

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.
Brendan Francis

*Phil Humbert’s website
is one of the best Resources for Success on the web. Please
visit it and choose from hundreds of tips, lists, quotes,
e-books and teleclasses that will support you in having all
the success in your life you have imagined.

5. Celebrating Out Loud

It is especially important right now to celebrate out loud.
We need to celebrate our joys and victories and
“yippee’s!” no matter whether they be big or small. Please
send your celebrations, wins, birthdays, anniversaries or
just plain “yippee’s” to Help us all to
reclaim our joy. Oprah’s words were never more true:

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more
there is in life to celebrate.
Oprah Winfrey

Dana Brown has discovered the joys of relearning the
game of tennis after 20 years of not playing. She speaks
with great pleasure of the victory she experienced playing
in a league of her peers. They finished 2nd in the state
(Colorado), and Dana says, “My joy is in seeing how we all
applauded each other’s personal ‘best efforts.’ What fun!
Yes, another team came in First Place – but we made them

EARN it!!!!” Share your tennis stories with Dana at

Janice Ferrazzoli celebrates the finding of her life’s
purpose. Her story brought me to tears. It is too long to
include here, and I urge you to visit to read her
e-mail in its entirety. We all have a purpose in this
lifetime and finding it is perhaps the best celebration of
all. Janice’s words affirm that it is never too late to find
and live our passion. You can celebrate with her at

6. Resources for the Journey

Many wonderful essays have been written concerning the
events of the last 8 days and the consequences they will
have for all of us. I have gathered several of them
together on my website. This is admittedly a subjective
collection. I do not necessarily agree with all of what is in
them. I strongly believe they are important to read. Please
visit to
read the wise and healing words that are there.

If you have read anything that has touched you or helped
you to heal, and you think others would benefit from it,
please send it to My wish
for this page is that it be a resource for as many people as
possible. Thank you.

Give yourself the gift of expanding one limit this week.

Namaste, Margo

Hiring a Life Coach is a great way to be supported in taking
the steps that will lead you to your own dreams.
Margo has a few slots open for motivated clients who
want to shift from, “My life is good, but…” to “I have a
great life!” Visit our website at for additional resources
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Albert Schweitzer

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