Subject: Words for Healing
Celebrating the Journey
September 14, 2001

Words for Healing

My tears seem endless today. They well in both joy and
sadness at the images and sounds of The Star Spangled
Banner played at Buckingham Palace, the lines of cheering
supporters applauding the rescuers as they move down
the Westside Highway, the pain of close friends who have
lost loved ones, the images of stunned people wandering
the streets of New York holding photographs of missing
family members. And at the sound of angry hateful
messages left on answering machines of Arab Americans,
the story of a weapon being fired into a mosque, the
images of hateful saying spray painted on windows.

Each of us have a choice to make: we can rage and hate or
we can unite and love. Which choice will you make?

I have received many responses to the alternative
Celebrating the Journey I sent on Tuesday. I want to share
pieces of them with you, on this day of prayer and
remembrance. As a nation, we mourn a great loss. As
individuals, we mourn the loss of friends, family,
coworkers, and our innocence. Let us move forward with
love and compassion to heal ourselves and our country.

Celebrate life!

Namaste, Margo

Peace be with you. Showing up is exactly what the
terrorists want to keep us from doing – in our lives, in our
country, in our democracy. Life does go on – and we get to
choose to live – despite that choice being taken away from
so many.
Christine Kudija

Focused positive group thoughts must happen to
counteract the negative energy of fear, anger, sadness and
misplaced joy that is circulating the globe today.

If we are going to stop tolerating terrorism, we
want to stop tolerating the part we have played in it too.

The grief that I see on my own face and on the faces of my
patients and my colleagues is the pain of betrayal, the
numbness of horror, the compassion for suffering
thousands. However, this day ends with those who were
buried and now found, and the triumph of those who
surge forward to rescue and to heal. May we find peace,
not war. May we find each other and ourselves.

My heart hums of “hope” for one and all …. knowing full
well that not all will view tomorrow’s sunrise from here
on earth.

We are so sorry for what is happening in your Country
right now. We are doing everything we can to help but it
won’t be enough. What has happened is a tragedy, an
unnecessary crime to the innocent people and children of
the U.S. Our hearts are filled with such deep sadness,
sorrow and loss that it hurts. You are our friends, we may
not live in the U.S but we feel very close to all of you. I
don’t know what to say. Our hearts are so full of sadness
it’s hard to find the right words. Our prayers are with you
Rosemary and family from Canada

As I watched the horror this morning the thought struck
me that although I’ve been moving forward in my life, I
am even more committed to living each moment of my
life in the present. How can I throw away moments that
so many will no longer have a chance to share. I can hate,
or use my energy to add to the positive energy in the
universe. I choose the positive.
Suzon Lommel

Many people are hurting, afraid, imagining the worst, and
needing help to regain composure, trust and peace. We
might consider even giving up trying to understand. And
instead, live in an ever-consistent prayer for guidance in
serving the highest good. What we give to others, we give
to ourselves.
Marianne Weidlein

Life goes on. Hopefully it will go on a little bit more
consciously for many. Perhaps a few will think, as they
part at the beginning of the day, to do it in love. And just
maybe some will reach out to others knowing that in a
moment it can be too late to say all you thought you had a
lifetime to say.

Let’s all reach out to those we love and to a stranger.

Don’t stay paralyzed by your fear or sorrow. Do something
good for someone else and let’s all begin to heal one
person at a time.
Doreen Pollack

>From Perú I send not just in my name but in the name of
all citizens, our prayers for all affected and our desires for
healing and a strong hope in tomorrow. We are believing
with you!
Jose Salcedo

Do not let these enemies of humanity break our spirits.
We are Americans. We have overcome so much in our
history and have never given up hope. Do not give them
the victory they seek to gain.
Chris Vargas via Dave Duff

Our heartfelt condolences and sympathies to the
victims, their families, friends and all the people of U.S.
Hasan Dhirani

I live about 20 minutes outside Washington, DC… There
is dust, there is tragedy…but there is a pervading spirit of
Hope. It is here in my neighborhood, it hangs from
flagpoles across the country, it is here. This is, after all,
America, land of the brave.
Audrey Wood, age 22

…she has been touched by this, as every New Yorker,
every American has. Our tears are all the same as we
grieve for the lost and pray for their families. May God
grant us strength and unity to make it through the
tomorrow’s yet to come. May peace be in your heart.
Deb Marlow

And finally, a step you can take on Monday.

America’s blood banks are overflowing with people who
want to help America in this time of crisis. So many are
volunteering to donate blood that some donors are being
turned away. But there is a way that you can make a
difference. You can fight terrorism, help America get back
on its feet and memorialize those who died:


If everyone bought just one hundred shares we could
make America’s stock market soar. If you can’t buy one
hundred, buy one. Many of those who died in the World
Trade Center made their living financing the American
dream. They created and traded stock in American
companies. If you buy stock when the markets reopen you
will show the terrorists that their attack failed to destroy
America, you will help our economy spring back to life,
and you will honor the profession of many who died.

Just one share of one American stock will make a
difference. Buy American!

“Until he extends his circle of compassion to include
all living things, man will not himself find peace.”
Albert Schweitzer

Margo Chisholm
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