Subject: Tip One: Follow Your Dreams
Welcome to Celebrating the Journey!
Wednesday, August 1, 2001
Issue #63


1. Welcome Notes
2. Tip One, Part One: Follow Your Dreams
3. Coaching: Yes, It Really Is This Simple!
5. Celebrating Out Loud!
6. Reading for the Journey
7. Resources for the Journey
8. Humor: Words from George Carlin

1. Welcome Notes

In response to last week’s CTJ on Values, I received an
e-mail asking how to teach kids to discover and embrace
their own values. It’s an important question, and I’ve put
the original question and my answer up on my website. I
invite all of you who have children or are around
children to take a look at and
answer Amy’s question for yourself.

We had a number of whopping thunder showers storm
through our valley yesterday, with heavy rain, strong
winds and lots of light and noise. I found myself
wonderfully energized by the electricity of it and the
constantly changing light and temperature. I love having
a serene life, and I love the occasional storm that
magnifies the peace of the serenity when it returns. What
storm have you weathered lately?

Welcome to our new subscribers. If you missed the CTJ
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REALLY Want which is the foundation for this issue and
the next eight, you can find it on my website at

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2. Tip One, Part Two: Follow Your Dreams

Follow your dreams.

“Sure,” you say. “Right,” you say. “I’m a single parent
with a job and 3 kids, and you’re telling me to follow my
dreams?” “I have my own business that needs me 70
hours a week, and you want me to find time for my
dreams?” “My dream is to climb Everest, and I weigh 300
pounds, and you say, ‘Follow that dream?'” “I dream of
having my own house, and I’m $50,000 in debt, and you
say I can have that dream?”

Yes, yup, absolutely, positively.

“I have responsibilities. I can’t be doing this ‘Follow Your
Dreams’ stuff. This is the real world!”

Yes, it is the real world. Yes, we have families and jobs
and responsibilities and pressures and stress. Yes, all that
is true. Life can be exhausting!

And one of the most energizing actions I know is to take a
step, no matter how small, in the direction of a dream.

Our society tends not to support this whole concept, and
yet I believe, that unless we discover what we dream of
being and doing, and move in the direction of that dream,
we will always feel as if something is missing in our lives.
And that feeling is a big energy drain.

Dreams arise from our Values. When you know what you
truly value, then you can listen for the voice inside that
knows what your dreams are; knows that secret thing you
want to do so very badly and don’t dare tell anyone;
knows the vision that tickles your belly when you think
about it.

Those are your dreams. Don’t rationalize them back into a
closet. Don’t push them aside because they don’t make
sense. Don’t ignore them because they seem impossible.
Bring your dreams into the light of life! Protect them
from the well-meaning people in your life who you even
think will say, “You can’t do that,” and share them with
the friends who love you unconditionally and will shout,
“Go for it!” And take one step in their direction.

Big dreams can feel impossibly overwhelming, to the
point where we give up before we begin. So start with a
small dream and work up to the big ones! That’s what
Kathy Wolf did. She dreams of climbing Kilimanjaro
which doesn’t seem possible to her. She started with a
smaller dream on the path to the big one and celebrates
with us (see her story in Celebrating Out Loud) her first
summit and her commitment to the bigger dream. The
sense of joy, self-confidence and energy she has derived
from following that dream bubbles enthusiastically from
her words. It’s the perfect example of how it works!

Following your dreams does not mean abandoning the
rest of your life. It doesn’t mean being irresponsible. It
does mean taking a step, no matter how small, each day,
in the direction of a dream.

Want to sail around the world and have 3 kids still in
school? Go to the library and take out a book on knots or
building boats or ocean sailing.

Want to climb a mountain and are totally out of shape?
Walk around the block.

Want to be financially independent and can’t meet the
interest payments on your credit cards? Talk to a credit

Want a new career and feel stuck where you are? Hire a
coach, take a career test, talk to a career counselor.

The point is that following the dream of climbing a
mountain doesn’t at all mean that we have to be able to
climb it right now. Dreaming of sailing around the world
doesn’t mean we leave this afternoon.

And it doesn’t even matter if the dream comes true. I
wanted to stand on the top of Mt. Everest more than I had
ever wanted anything in my life. The dream made no
sense in the first place, and I made steps in its direction
anyway. I climbed smaller mountains. I practiced crevasse
rescue. I trained hard. I found a climbing mentor (mentors
are huge assets in the following of your dreams!). I kept
doing the footwork that moved me in the direction of that

I made two attempts on Mt. Everest and never stood on its
summit. Yes, I was disappointed – still am. And that
doesn’t in any way negate how much my life has been
enriched by going for that dream. The process of moving
in the direction of the dream is where the value is. If the
dream is realized, it is wonderful, gorgeous, delicious
icing on the cake. The heart of the cake lies in each step we
take toward the dream.

I have been blessed with having huge dreams in my life
and despite all evidence to the contrary, living them. They
weren’t rational; they didn’t seem possible; many of the
people I loved didn’t understand them; my life was
already very full. And yet I followed those dreams. I just
put one foot in front of the other in their direction. And
they have given me more than I could ever put into

Because I followed my dreams against all odds, I have the

opportunity to touch the lives of wonderful folks like you,
a career I love and couldn’t have imagined 10 years ago,
and a life that is successful, fulfilling, abundant, connected
and joy-filled. I believe in myself at an entirely new level,
and my life is far richer than it would have been if I had
decided that my dreams were far too ludicrous to pursue.

The process of following your dreams will bring you gifts
and riches you cannot begin to imagine. It is that

What one step will you take today to begin the process of
following YOUR dream?

3. Coaching: Yes, It Really Is This Simple!

How to follow your dreams:

1. Take a breath
2. Take just one step in the direction of your dream
3. Take a breath
4. Take another step in the same direction

Repeat Steps 1 – 4.


If we do not know what port we’re steering for, no wind is

If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be
lost. Now put foundations under them.
Osa Johnson

If you have a great ambition, take as big a step as possible
in the direction of fulfilling it. The step may only be a tiny
one, but trust that it may be the largest one possible for
Mildred McAfee

Vision isn’t enough unless combined with venture. It’s
not enough to stare up the steps unless we also step up the
Vance Havner

It is never too late to be what we might have been.
George Eliot

5. Celebrating Out Loud

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more
there is in life to celebrate.
Oprah Winfrey

I invite you to celebrate with us the steps you take toward
your dreams this week at Share your dreams
with us so we can support you in them.

Kathy Wolf celebrates her first summit: Mt. Katahdin in
Maine. Kathy says, “It was the most intense difficult thing
I have ever done in my life. I had to reach deep inside to
make the last half mile – one foot at a time, but never,
never gave up. As I reached each new obstacle I could
only laugh out loud and then go on…My guide said he
had never laughed so much on a trip. I couldn’t help
giggling with joy as each challenge was met. I was
determined to make it to the top and for me their
was no other option… I have grown so much this past
week and have an incredible belief in myself… I want to
do more, … and I know I can do it as my determination to
reach the summit proved that it is truly within me to do
so. I plan to summit a higher mountain next year, … and
my ultimate goal is Kilimanjaro for my 50th birthday,
which is in 5 years. ” Celebrate Kathy’s summit and her
following her dreams at

I am blessed by my friends, each of whom add a sparkle to
the glow of my life. I celebrate the birthdays of 3 close
friends this week: Joan Purdy on the 25th, Chris Mahoney
on the 26th and Ray Bruce on the 27th.

Know someone who’s celebrating a great occasion? Or a
small one? What better gift than to forward them a copy
of Celebrating the Journey with a celebratory wish in it.
Let’s spread the joy!

6. Reading for the Journey

Wishcraft: How To Get What You REALLY Want by
Barbara Sher with Annie Gottlieb
I Could Do Anything If I Only Knew What It Was by
Barbara Sher with Barbara Smith.

Written in the late 70’s, Wishcraft continues to offer
practical strategies for bringing your secret yearnings and
dreams to reality.

Beginning with the question, “Who do you think you
are?” and ending with a 30 page resource section packed
with usable tools to help you follow your dreams, this
book has helped hundreds of thousands of people like you
create real change in their lives.

Cindy Foy was a waitress. Now she’s a pilot. Peter Johnson
was a truck driver. Now he’s a dairy farmer. Tina Forbes
was a struggling artist. Now she’s a successful one. Alan
Rizzo was an editor. Now he’s a bookstore owner. This
book is what began their transformations. Time to have
the life you REALLY want? Click on

I Could Do Anything builds on the material in Wishcraft
and teaches us that we DO know what our dreams are. It’s
only that the knowledge may lie buried beneath resistance
and fears. Sher’s intriguing exercises are incredibly
effective in identifying and removing what gets in the
way of our knowing what we truly want.

One reviewer says it this way, “This book is for anyone
who wants to find their passion.” Yup, that’s it! To find
YOUR passion, click on

Each book stands well alone, and together, they guide you
in creating a custom blueprint for your life and following
it to your dreams. I highly recommend both of these

To the Summit: A Woman’s Journey into the Mountains
to Find Her Soul by Margo Chisholm

This is the story of my journey toward my own impossible
dreams. It is a clear example of the miracles that happen
when we simply put one foot in front of the other in the
direction of our dreams. We ordinary people can do
extraordinary things, and all it takes is one step at a time.

This book is out of print, and I have a few copies available
for sale for $23 including shipping and handling. E-mail for ordering

To The Summit is also available in German and

7. Resources for the Journey

The Life on Purpose website is a fabulous resource for
discovering what your core values and Life Purpose are
and then designing your life around that purpose. Visit
their website at to taste all
of what they have available. It’s a great step in the
direction of following your dreams!

This is the last time I will talk about the opportunity to be
a lifetime member in and
at the unbelievably low price of $79.

Thomas Leonard, founder of Coach University is the
genius, energy and creator of these programs. There
simply is not a better resource anywhere for ongoing
support, new tools, like-minded folks, and new
information to help you live from your values and follow
your dreams. And the material will keep on growing over
your lifetime. This is a complete win-win situation

This is the first time I have recommended anything like
this in Celebrating the Journey. I do it because I think it’s
such a great opportunity. I won’t mention it again in this
venue, so please take a look at all that is available in these
membership. Find out what it’s all about at:

8. Humor: Words from George Carlin

These great giggles and guffaws come from my good
friend Janice Ferrazzoli.

1. Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty
2. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.
3. Atheism is a non-prophet organization.
4. If man evolved from monkeys and apes, why do we still
have monkeys and apes?
5. The main reason Santa is so jolly is because he knows
where all the bad girls live.
6. I went to a bookstore and asked the saleswoman,
“Where’s the self-help section?” She said if she told me,
it would defeat the purpose.
7. What if there were no hypothetical questions?
8. If a mute swears, does his mother wash his hands with
9. If a man is standing in the middle of the forest speaking
and there is no woman around to hear him…is he still
10. If someone with multiple personalities threatens to
kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation?
11. Is there another word for synonym?
12. Isn’t it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do
13. Where do forest rangers go to “get away from it all?”
14. What do you do when you see an endangered animal
eating an endangered plant?
15. If a parsley farmer is sued, can they garnish his wages?
16. Would a fly without wings be called a walk?
17. Why do they lock gas station bathrooms? Are they
afraid someone will clean them?
18. If a turtle doesn’t have a shell, is he homeless or
19. Why don’t sheep shrink when it rains?
20. Can vegetarians eat animal crackers?

Hiring a Life Coach is a great way to to identify your
Values, discover what your dreams are, and follow them.
Margo has a few slots open for motivated clients who
want to shift from, “My life is good, but…” to “I have a
great life!” Visit our website at for additional resources
and tools. To schedule a consultation, send an e-mail to

Give yourself the gift of following your dreams this week.

Namaste, Margo

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