Subject: Help Us Celebrate our 100th Issue!
Welcome to Celebrating the Journey!
Monday, July 15
Special Edition


As I mentioned in last Friday’s CTJ, this week will
mark the 100th issue of Celebrating the Journey. I
asked our readers to send ideas of how to celebrate
this occasion, and Irene Morris came up with a
great one!

Irene is an avid hiker and biker who often honors
special occasions and dates and experiences by
hiking, walking, biking long distances. She
celebrated the Millennium by logging 2000 miles
during the year 2000, dedicating each 100 miles to
people who have been special in her life.

Here are her words:

“I think it would be so neat to celebrate the
milestone of your (our) 100th Issue of Celebrating
The Journey by having 100 members of the CTJ
family each walk a mile on Friday July 19th. We
would all be walking alone, together… honoring
one another and thanking you. Maybe you could
put a special note out to us….. asking that if
individuals would like to celebrate by adding
his/her mile to the 100 mile long journey…. People
could simply respond with a “yes”… I will be
walking in celebration!!! Count your responses….
and let’s just see if we , the CTJ family, can make
this happen.”

So there it is: an invitation for each and every one
of you. We invite you to take a bit of time this
coming Friday and hike or bike or walk or run 1
mile to honor and celebrate yourself, each other
and this journey called life. If you accept, reply to, and type YES
in the subject line and if you like, let us know if
you’re hiking, biking, walking or running.

I’ll track the responses and give you a report in the
following CTJ. No prizes or rewards here save the
knowledge that we are coming together as a
community to honor one another. In my opinion
there is no better reward!

If you have any questions, please email me at or Irene at

Come celebrate with us!

Namaste, Margo

“Until he extends his circle of compassion to include
all living things, man will not himself find peace.”
Albert Schweitzer

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