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Welcome to Celebrating the Journey!
Thursday, June 22, 2000
Issue #27


1. Welcome Notes
2. Learn Resilience!
3. Coaching: Let Your Mistakes Teach You
5. Humor: Another Way To Wash Your Cat
6. A Gift: Celebrate The Age You Are!
7. Resource: The Negotiation Game: A Teleclass

1. Welcome Notes

Last week got away from me, and this CTJ was intended
for then. And because you’re receiving it now rather than
then, it has a great humor section and a great Teleclass
resource. Enjoy!

We’ve finally had some rain here in the mountains of
Colorado. Most welcome to help us with the forest fires
burning on the front range and the general dryness of the

My climb of Mt. Sopris became a 2/3 climb. The young
man I was spending the day with was in combat boots
from the Air Force Academy and his feet were done at
that point. We sat on a gorgeous ridge and reveled in the
gorgeous view of the Roaring Fork Valley and marvelous
life discussions. A sweet day, and a reminder that even
when life doesn’t go the way we think it “ought” to, it can
bring joy and beauty.

Thanks to all who shared your goals with me! There were
some fabulous ones:
Have a healthy baby
A bountiful yield from the vegetable garden
Experience life at sea
Climb the 3 Bonds, the 2 Bigelows and Mt.
Katahdin (this is part of a dream/goal of walking/biking
2000 miles in the year 2000!)

Thanks to all who continue to forward CTJ to friends,
family, networks and co-workers. You have brought our
family to 904. Who do you know who has a difficult time
accepting their mistakes? Forward this edition of CTJ to
them as a gift from you with the wish that they embrace
the lessons their mistakes give them.

2. Learn Resilience

CTJ reader Doug Grim responded to the Commencement
issue of CTJ with a marvelous paraphrase of an essay
written by Ellen Goodman, a journalist for the Boston
Globe. I found it valuable enough that it is the meat of
this week’s CTJ. Thank you, Doug.

“Young people often see their elders’ lives as a straight
line, but we need to explain how it really is. You make
plans. You have accidents. You move straight ahead. You
have to take a detour. You screw up. You recover. You try
hard. You get lucky.

“A life that looks seamless from the outside feels like a
patchwork quilt from the inside. You never just achieve
something — status, success, happiness — and hold it firm.
You keep composing and recomposing life.

“You can’t protect yourself from making mistakes in
life…but you can learn resilience.”

3. Coaching: Let Your Mistakes Teach You

Successful people do not carry their mistakes on their
back. They make plenty of them, they are honest about
them, they learn from them, and they move on.

Learn from your mistakes and leave them behind. The
road to success does not avoid mistakes; it just doesn’t get
stuck there! Pave your road with resilience, and you’re
well on the way to having the life you really want.


It takes time and lots of mistakes to develop character.
But, isn’t that the point? Life is to be lived! And, if you
don’t – or won’t – live your life to the full, no one else in
all of history can do it for you.
Phil Humbert

A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart
enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct
John C. Maxwell

If I had my life to live again. I’d make the same mistakes,
only sooner.
Tallulah Bankhead

More people would learn from their mistakes if they
weren’t so busy denying them.
Harold J. Smith
5. Humor: Another Way To Wash Your Cat

This website came to me from Lois from my Fifty-
Something Women’s mailing list. Thanks for the giggles,

6. Celebrate The Age You Are

Last Sunday night I attended a Bonnie Raitt concert. I sang
and danced and laughed out loud at the incredible energy
and talent of this marvelous woman. After her opening
number had completely turned on the audience, she
leaned into the microphone and said, “I’m 50 and I’m
PROUD!” The crowd roared, young and old alike. In this
age of increasing longevity, celebrate your years and the
gifts they bring you.

Although the following is written for women, it applies
just as strongly to you men.

The Ten Commandments For Being A Beautiful, Ageless

1. Thou shalt dare to be fabulous!

2. Thou shalt know that comparing thyself to other
women is like comparing a lotus to a rose.

3. Thou shalt seek out and find those role models of
women who accept aging as their ally.

4. Thou shalt know that an addiction to youth can only
lead to disappointment. Detaching from it opens the
pathway to self acceptance.

5. Thou shalt know that opening to thy dreams is the way
to discover what the Universe has in store for thee.

6. Thou shalt rise above society’s youthful ideal and
know that wrinkles and lines add softness and depth of

7. Thou shalt protect thy beauty by allowing purpose and
intimacy to be central in thy life.

8. Thou shalt know that looking great is wonderful, but a
rich inner life manifests outwardly as true grace and

9. Thou shalt rejoice in uniting with Nature, allowing
her to season thee with wisdom, insight and
understanding. She teaches thee to accept a design far
grander than any of they dreams.

10. Thou shalt keep going, going, and going… with a
lightness of being.

Trust the heart that has loved you all your life.

7. The Negotiating Game: A Teleclass

Fellow Coach Ruth Zanes is presenting a teleclass that is a
great resource for anyone involved in the business of life.
I encourage you to check this out.

The Negotiating Game – Skills for Effective Living

Ever wonder why some people are highly effective in
getting what they want? Chances are they know how to
negotiate. Negotiating skills are essential to getting what
you want, how you want it, when you want it. Just
understanding the rules of the negotiating game alone can
bring you greater success in all areas of your life, your
career, your business and your personal life.

This teleclass is for anyone who wants to optimize their
skills to get the best possible outcome in any situation.

What You will Learn:

1) Negotiation styles – Discover your negotiation style and
what works and what doesn’t work with that style. Learn
how to recognize others’ negotiation styles and how to
interact with their styles.

2) How to recognize the four basic stages of negotiation.
When to “shut-up.”

3) The 10 key ingredients for successful negotiation

4) Negotiation currencies – how to know what’s really at
stake (It’s not what you think it is!)

5) Leverage Points – What they are and how to keep them
on your side.

6) Power – who has the power? Where the power come
from. How and when to use power to your advantage.
How to respond to a show of power.

7) How to prepare.

8) Where you “sell out” and why.

DATES: July 17, 24, and 31.
TIME: 8:00pm – 9:00pm ET FEE: $75.00

To register or for more information e-mail:
or call Ruth at 678-566-8105.

If you have an immediate need to negotiate a current
situation and can’t wait until the teleclass, feel free to call
Ruth Zanes at 678-566-8105 and arrange for a special

Give yourself the gift of Resilience this week.

Namaste, Margo

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