Subject: How To Have the Life You REALLY Want

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Monday, May 22, 2000
Issue #24


1. Welcome Notes and Announcement
2. How To Have The Life You Really Want

1. Welcome Notes and Announcement

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2. How to Have the Life You Really Want

Have you ever had the sense that life is not working out
the way you thought it would?

Most of the time, I coach professionals or business people
about growing their businesses, or enjoying the success
they’ve achieved. But recently, I’ve been getting inquiries
about the really big questions of life.

Often they start out, “I’ve got a great life, but….” And then
they describe the “but” in their life and the note ends
with: “I thought my life would be happier [or more
exciting, or more rewarding, or more successful] and I
don’t know what to do.”

I love those requests, because you CAN have the life you
really, really want!

This article is about the 3 keys that will show you the way.

1. First, you must define what you really, REALLY want.

Most people have never defined the life they really want.
They say they want “happiness” or a “great family life”, or
a certain income or lifestyle. But there is a lack of clarity
and lack of focus to the definition. They have a dream,
but not a definition of the life they want.

And that’s an essential distinction! There are two pieces
you have to really “get” about defining the life you want.
Let’s look at them separately for a moment.

The first is be very specific. “Happiness” is a sensation, an
emotion, even an experience, but it is not a goal. The
same can be said of “success” or “peace of mind” or
“personal fulfillment”.

To have the life you want, you must describe it in detail.
And that involves hard choices, and it takes courage. Do
you want more money, or a less stressful job? Climbing
the competitive ladder may take you away from loved
ones, or require other sacrifices. What is it you really,
really want?

And second, it’s critical to distinguish between a lifestyle,
and the life you really want. A new car, lots of money, a
big house and lavish vacations are nice, but most people
want those things because they MEAN something. They
expect that the money will make them feel a certain way.
What happens if you get the money, but still don’t feel
“successful”? Then what?

The first step in having the life you really want is to
define what’s most important to you. What brings you
joy or fulfillment? What fires the passion, the challenge
and the satisfaction in your life? How do you measure

On your deathbed, what (exactly) will let you say, “I did it
right, I had a great life!”

2. The second step is to find the smallest steps that will
take you toward your goal.

Why the “smallest steps”? Because people always look for
the big steps, the huge, dramatic life-changing solutions
that rarely work, and that we’re afraid to take anyway.

Once you’ve defined the life you really want, take a few
minutes to create two important lists:

— Find the 10 smallest steps that will move you slightly
toward the life you want, and write them down. You
want easy, “anybody could do these” steps! Write down 10
specific steps that are small enough that you can begin
them immediately!

— Find 10 things that frustrate you and “prove” you are
not yet living the life you want. Again, look for the small,
daily distractions that bug you on a regular basis. For now,
just write them down. You’ll eliminate them when you
decide the time is right.

3. The third step is: Take ACTION! (You knew that was

Of course you have to take action! In the end, nothing
changes until you take action and start changing your life.
If you want more friends, take action! If you want more
money, ask for a raise, make more sales, invest more
effectively…take action! If you want a healthier, happier
family, schedule a picnic, go to a movie, stay home and
talk to each other!

Highly successful people are not the rich, the famous, or
the lucky. Successful people, in my book, are people who
define what they really want, and take simple, specific
steps to get it. They take action! Very few of us will have
a miraculous, life-changing event. For most of us, life
changes in small steps that we take every day. To have
and live the life you really, really, REALLY want, define it,
and find the baby steps that take you in that direction.
And then, start walking!

Again, Phil Humbert is the source of this article, and you
can subscribe to his Tip’s newsletter at Check it out!
4. Quotes of the Week

“Millions long for immortality who do not know what to
do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.”
— Susan Ertz

“You never find yourself until you face the truth.”
— Pearl Bailey

“Your children need your presence more than your
— Jesse Jackson”

“It takes courage to grow up and turn out to be who you
really are.”
— e. e. cummings


Give yourself the gift of living the life you REALLY want
this week.

Namaste, Margo

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