Subject: Happy Valentine’s Day

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Monday, February 14, 2000
Issue #14
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Happy Valentine’s Day

Rachelle Disbennett-Lee’s daily email newsletter, 365 Days
of Coaching, for this morning contained the history of
Valentine’s Day, dating back to ancient Rome.

The theme of her Valentine’s Day newsletter was Just Call
To Say I Love You. I love that. Valentine’s Day has
historically been about sending and giving cards to the
people we care about – sometimes whether they know we
care or not! And sending cards is a great thing. However,
there is nothing like the sound of someone’s voice saying,
“I just called to say I love you,” to make that person’s day.
Or, “I just called to say thank you for how you add to my

What would it mean to your widowed aunt who isn’t
well, to receive a short call from you? How would your
child’s teacher feel if you called her (him) and told her
what a great job she’s doing with your kid? How about
your massage therapist? Or your coach? Or your
mechanic. We all have many people in our lives who are
“on our team.” Their role is to make our lives easier,
better, fuller. How often do we let them know what a
difference they make in our lives? Do it today!

It’s all too easy to get caught in the narrow belief that
Valentine’s Day is only for lovers, for romantic couples.
Yes, it’s for them. But it’s also for those who love in any
way, at any level, anyone. It’s a great day to focus on
loving unconditionally. A day to let those who impact our
lives know what they mean to us. And don’t forget to
include yourself in that list. There isn’t anyone who
impacts your life more than you do. Thank yourself for
who you are, how you live, the love you show. The truth
of the matter is that until we love ourselves, we cannot
love anyone else.

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Create a Top Ten Ways To Celebrate Valentines Day list.
Then do the ten items on the list!

Here’s mine:

1. Call Aunt Thelma and tell her I love her.
2. Call the director of the Aspen Choral Society and
tell him how much his work adds to my life.
3. Buy myself flowers.
4. Call all the members of my immediate family
and tell them I love them.
5. Call my Circle of 10 and tell them I love them
and let them know how they make a difference in my life.
6. Greet everyone I see, whether I know them or
not, with a smile and, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”
7. Leave a message on my own answering machine
that says, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Margo, I love you,”
8. Send several anonymous email valentine cards
that will make people smile.
9. Reread and edit as necessary the description of
my ideal partner.
10. Have great sex. (Note: this does not require a

Love yourself and the people around you. Happy
Valentine’s Day to you all!


Love is taking care of, with regular intervals of taking
GOOD care of, and occasional splurges of pampering.
Peter McWilliams

In real love you want the other person’s good.
In romantic love you want the other person.
Margaret Anderson

I cannot love anyone if I hate myself.
Carl Jung

Love is the answer,
but while you are waiting for the answer,
sex raises some pretty good questions.
Woody Allen


Love 101: To Love Oneself is the Beginning of a Lifelong
Romance by Peter McWilliams.
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possessions.” Peter McWilliams has a knack for
handling a topic that can be all too serious with just the
right mix of insight and humor with a touch of
irreverence on the side. Easy to read, filled with
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growth library. You can order it, hassle free for only $5.91,
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The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck.
This perennial best seller is well known to most of
you. I list it here because the description of the myth of
romantic love is the best I’ve come across. The first time I
read this book, I resisted Peck’s philosophy on romantic
love greatly. That was many years ago. My own
philosophy is different now. For all who think that
romantic love is, could be, just might possibly be the
answer, the fix, and wonder why it hasn’t been, this is a
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Give yourself the gift of loving unconditionally this week.

Namaste, Margo


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