Mt Shasta

Mt. Shasta, 14,162 feet high, climbed in 2005, first time in crampons in 7 years.


Mt Sopris

Mt. Sopris, mountain of my soul in Carbondale, Colorado


Sunset along the Pacific

Sunset along the Pacific Crest Trail in the High Sierra of California.



Rafts investigating one of four glaciers feeding Alsek Bay in Alaska.


Denali Summit Ridge

Denali Summit Ridge: Taking a risk one step at a time.

Sun-burned laughter

Sun-burned laughter in the face of adversity on Denali.


Spindrift from the avalanche approaches our camp, an incredible display of the power of nature.

Kahiltna Glacier

A huge avalanche cuts loose above the Kahiltna Glacier, the approach to the Denali climb.

V shaped snow

Corniced, V shaped snow formation above Denali Base Camp in Alaska.